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SENT Festival

The SENT Festival is organized and held at First Presbyterian Church in Lancaster, PA.  It was created as an avenue for members and non members alike to discover their own paths of ministry using their unique talents and skills.  Everyone is at a different stage in their life and has different opportunities to use their gifts for good.  Some people are caring for family members, some have interests in volunteering locally, and some choose a more global approach, taking their ministry abroad.  With so many different opportunities, the SENT Festival helps participants focus and gain a better understanding of ways they can help.  It also helps connect potential volunteers to local community organizations, giving them time to meet with representatives, ask questions, and hopefully find and opportunity that excites them.

September 2016 will be the 2nd annual SENT Festival.  This video was created to help potential attendees better understand the energy and excitement by hearing from some of last years participants.

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Monica and Pat Wedding Film

I was brought on by a photographer in the Philadelphia area to help Monica and Pat O’Brien remember their special day via wedding film. The bridesmaids and bride’s parents were the first group I got introduced to. The ceremony was at St. Bernadette Church,  a mere 3 blocks away from the house the Monica grew up in.  The bridesmaids  got ready at the Monica’s parents house before we met up with any of the groomsmen at the church. You could tell  the couple was full of energy and excited for their big day.  The church was magnificent, as you will see from some aerial footage.  They had a traditional ceremony, but the photo session in downtown Philadelphia was anything but.  Monica even showed off her athletic skills, executing a perfect split for a group photo while atop a set of marble stairs. The group then converged on The Ballroom at the Ben for cocktail hour and the reception.  This was my first time filming at the venue and it certainly lived up to it’s reputation as a first class facility.


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Mt Eden and Larry Gold

My good friend at AtoThe Photography pulled together this last minute opportunity to meet and work with Mt Eden and Larry Gold.  The infamous track “Sierra leone” was being mixed with an orchestra.  We got to visit Milkboy the Studio in Philadelphia and capture the orchestra laying down their track with producer Larry Gold at the helm.  The team from Mt Eden, Jesse Cooper and Harley Rayner, explain the story behind their most popular song, including how the original version was stolen along with a laptop.

Mt Eden:




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Jonathan Bancroft Colon is a Lancaster, PA based artists.  The majority of his work is wood sculpture, designing and building furniture. There is more than just furniture to this artist though. Walk into his shop at 50 North Queen St. Lancaster, PA and you will find a scattering of drawings, paintings, sculptures, furniture, installations and more. His work can be found around Lancaster in Rachels Creperie, and Square One Coffee.

It took me a month or so of hanging around Jonathan for me to really see his process. At first it seemed like a daunting task to portray his lifestyle, art, and business all together. The more time I spent around his shop, studio, and home, the more continuity I saw between the three. I’ll leave it to Jonathan himself to explain more.

The Big Dirty – “WTFB”

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