One Second

One second of footage every day for 60 days.

Back in October of 2015 I was inspired to challenge myself outside of work.  I wanted a project that would help me fine tune my camera and lighting skills,  My friend Ryan Fredericks had recently gotten more involved in vlogging through his youtube channel, DeathByVlog. As a quick aside, make sure to check out his feed for some really fun weekly vlogs.  I would recommend starting with MCDONALD’S ALL DAY BREAKFAST FAIL! or EPIC GAME DAY – Star Wars Battle Pod

Rambling aside, Ryan and I decided to have a friendly competition over the course of 60 days.  Each day we would film and choose one second of footage.  There was no guidelines, subjects, or parameters other than having to film each day.  The final product would end up as a 1 minute video.

Overall the project was stressful. When I began, I had a list of potential shots as backups for a day, just in case nothing terribly exciting was happening.   Every day was a new subject, new location, and completely open ended.  On a handful of days during the two months I was able to use footage that I was capturing for work purposes.  Most of the time though, I was a hot mess around 4pm trying to figure out what I could capture.