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Recent Work

New From GP FIlm & Photography

Punta Cana

Sometimes even when I go on vacation I can’t help but be a nerd. Here’s some fun footage I got in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. My girlfreind, Jill, won an incentive trip and got a +1 because of her outstanding performance. Lucky us!! ALthough I dragged down a mark III and lenses, I shot the entire time with only my Gopro Hero 4. Enjoy!

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The Witmer Group

When I learned that we would be helping a construction company with some video work I was excited.   The goal was to create a recruiting video for existing students in trade and other secondary schools. I knew it would offer lots of great opportunities for intense footage.  Then we found out it was specifically a masonry group, and I was even more amped up.  It seemed like a great mix of construction and artisan talent with some personality to it.  The Witmer Group did not disappoint.  Employees were excited about their careers, proud of what they’ve accomplished and hungry for education and training.

Working with The Witmer Group was an exciting and new experience for us.  Every day was a new construction site, technique, material or work dynamic.  Learning about the different processes was crucial to filming the sequences of action, but it was also naturally interesting to see how large scale construction still requires brick by brick physical labor.

From the office to the field, the comradery was apparent with The Witmer Group.  Everyone seemed to enjoy each others company throughout the work day, even while we interviewed them after a full day on the job they were fun and laid back.  From the interviews it was clear that people working for The Witmer Group strive to help each other learn and progress in their respective fields to help retain the standard of excellence that they subscribe to as a company.  

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SENT Festival

The SENT Festival is organized and held at First Presbyterian Church in Lancaster, PA.  It was created as an avenue for members and non members alike to discover their own paths of ministry using their unique talents and skills.  Everyone is at a different stage in their life and has different opportunities to use their gifts for good.  Some people are caring for family members, some have interests in volunteering locally, and some choose a more global approach, taking their ministry abroad.  With so many different opportunities, the SENT Festival helps participants focus and gain a better understanding of ways they can help.  It also helps connect potential volunteers to local community organizations, giving them time to meet with representatives, ask questions, and hopefully find and opportunity that excites them.

September 2016 will be the 2nd annual SENT Festival.  This video was created to help potential attendees better understand the energy and excitement by hearing from some of last years participants.

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